A guide to conscious dating

A guide to conscious dating

Spiritual or Conscious Dating is an enlightened and fun way of meeting and dating with better results. As we grow in our spiritual journey our need for real connections grow and we realize how important it is to be true to ourselves and open ourselves to meeting a soul mate.

Be at peace with past relationships

Think back on previous partners, those who bring back bad memories you should work through them. Forgive that person and importantly, yourself too. Remember the lessons you learned and move on.

Be in love with yourself

Accept the divine person you are and be grateful for the journey of self-discovery you are on. Love yourself unconditionally and allow this love to radiate outward, opening your heart to attract joy and love.

Be present and open

Your soulmate could be anyone, anywhere and you need to be present and in the moment.  When you are present, you are open to meeting people. Standing in line at a store, walking, at the bus stop. Be aware of who is in your space and instead of burying your face in a book or phone, make eye contact, smile and perhaps make a comment if appropriate. Enjoy the feeling, no strings attached.

Be Real

Let go of ego. Being real, you don’t need to impress anyone. If you feel the need to pretend, this may not be the right partner for you or you may need to work on knowing yourself and what you want.

Be who you want to date

Think about it, then make a list of what you want most in a partner. Someone fun and full of joy? Someone open to adventures? Work on developing those traits in yourself. When you see your qualities mirror each other, you’ll know you’re on the right track.

Be realistic

Forget the ‘’Hollywood’’ stereo type of what you think your partner should look like, if you base your search on looks, your chance of success is extremely unlikely. You need to look deeper and enjoy the people you meet, each one unique and divine. You may be drawn to some as a friend or someone to learn from and perhaps because you are meant to be life partners.

Be a listener

Listen to what the other person is saying, be present and focused on them and you’ll be able to respond and have a conversation that flows. Don’t fear natural pauses between conversations and think about what to say next. Breathe and relax and when you speak, let it be from your heart, no pretending to be who you are not.

Be Aligned

Spiritual partnerships are about supporting each other’s desirers and visions. Ask each other what your greatest dreams and desires are? What do you long to do, where do you want to be?  Explore and respond with honesty. Ultimately the two visions should align, even if you don’t agree on all of them, find the commonality between them and for the rest, find and make adjustments on both sides, creating a third option.

Be Intimate

Physical touch, intimacy and connection are essential for a spiritual partnership to grow. Explore the delicate energy connections you have with each other through Yogic teachings.  Commit to a healthy diet and exercise routine that energises you both. Explore each other’s bodies, one giving, the other receiving, one at a time. Enjoy!

Be in the flow

When your heart is open and you stop listening to your head, the energy flows from your heart and feelings and keeps you in the flow. Living in the present and being open leads us to acceptance of and trust in our higher selves to guide us to be where we should be in the moment.