Everyone has relationship problems & your idea of true love is probably unrealistic

Everyone has relationship problems & your idea of true love is probably unrealistic

Breaking up is hard, it hurts and it’s sad. Heartbreak is real and can cause depression and emotional distress. It could also be a good thing, especially when your partner is not fully committed, does not understand or value you.

RLOVE Everyone has relationship problems

Why do we find it so difficult to find the right person to love and start a relationship with, ending in disappointment rather than happily ever after?

Could it be that we believe the fairy tales in books and movies: the idea of “love at first sight” and yes, “living happily ever after”? It’s probably a sign that we’re not ready for a serious relationship when we fall in love with someone, we think fits our idea of the perfect partner and failing or ignoring to see and accept the real person.

You may have more in common than you realize once you ditch the rose-tinted glasses and start having conversations about your individual hopes and goals and relight the fire if there’s something to work towards.

Real people have real issues and in a real relationship, commitment to each other, talking about and finding solutions together can lead to the actual ‘forever after’.

Unrealistic expectations of love and having a partner that meets our fairytale “dream” is something we need to let go of. If you love someone, ego has no place in your relationship. Nobody is perfect, it’s time to start focusing on the traits and attributes of our partners that we already adore, and to stop trying to change and “fix” the things we don’t like.

The more we try to change our partners to fix our warped ideals the less likely we are ever to be truly happy.