We hope to make finding love a fun and safe experience. We’ve created these guidelines to cover all the dos and don’ts on the RLOVE platform. Adhere to these guidelines for a smooth, comfortable experience. If you do not, your account may be suspended.

Be Original

Only upload content, including photos and videos, that are owned by you. Don’t post anything that doesn’t belong to you. Any reported or flagged photos will be removed immediately.

Be Respectful

Show love, light and respect to everyone on RLOVE, just as you would in real life. RLOVE is a diverse community of all ethnicities, genders, sexual preference, spiritual, and religious beliefs. Please block/report any rude, offensive, or indecent behaviour. Anyone reported will be suspended from the platform until the issue is resolved. Be the lightworker you are and spread love and light with us in a safe way!

Be Creative

Our words are our most powerful tools and there are so many to choose from! Please do not copy and paste the same message to your connections. Instead, be mindful with your approach and talk about their interests to create a more engaging conversation.

Be Yourself

You’re a perfect the way you are. Don’t pretend to be somebody else. People want to connect with you, not some made up character. Be honest in your bio and soul signature. We promise you’ll make deeper connections this way. Be yourself, everyone else is taken :)

Be Mindful

RLOVE is a safe place to find love and connect with another soul. Do not make plans to arrange spiritual medicine meetups on the platform. If you meet in-person, discuss those items there. Do not sell your products or services on RLOVE. Using RLOVE as a marketplace will get your account suspended. Any illegal activity on RLOVE may result in your account being suspended or being reported to the authorities.

For conscious adults only

RLOVE is for people 18+. No kids are allowed on the platform. Children should also not be alone in the photographs or represent their parents in the profiles.

In Summary

Follow these guidelines for a safe, fun experience making soul connections on RLOVE. Not following these guidelines will result in your account being suspended, with or without a warning. For more information or to dispute a report, send an email to