Meet your new love coach, Dr. Andrea Pennington

Meet your new love coach, Dr. Andrea Pennington

We’re elated to announce our new love coach and collaboration with Dr. Andrea Pennington!

Dr. Andrea Pennington is an integrative physician, acupuncturist, meditation teacher, #1 international bestselling author and TEDx speaker. With her extensive medical expertise and training in trauma recovery combined with her experience in Traditional Chinese Medicine and acupuncture, Dr. Andrea helps people to build resilience, reclaim vitality, and thrive despite the inevitable trauma and drama life brings. Integrating ancient wisdom with modern science she empowers people to develop personal mastery of mind, body and soul by developing the innate ability to heal while reconnecting to the Authentic Self.

As a sought-after media personality Dr. Andrea has shared her empowering insights on holistic healing and resilience on the Oprah Winfrey Show, the Dr. Oz Show, iTV This Morning, CNN, the Today Show, LUXE-TV, Thrive Global and HuffingtonPost and as a news anchor for Discovery Health Channel. She proudly shares insights on Conscious Relationships with RLove, a spiritual-based conscious connection platform developed by Rythmia, which helps people find a spiritually aligned soul connection.

Dr. Andrea’s latest book, The Real Self Love Handbook, includes her proven 5-step framework, The Cornerstone Process, which she has taught around the world to guide people on a journey of Conscious Evolution, providing a framework for recovering from trauma and adverse childhood experiences, and integrating insights gleaned from sacred ceremonies, psychotherapy and self-help work. As a form of narrative therapy, Dr. Andrea created The Hero Course, a comprehensive LifeWriting program to give you the power to heal your inner child, reprogram your subconscious mind, transform from victim to hero and rewrite your life story.

Dr. Andrea founded the #RealSelfLove Movement, a non-profit company where she and a global team of Self Love Leaders provide free resources online along with workshops around the world to help people heal from trauma and unlock their potential for increased joy and abundance.

Fueled by her extensive study of age management medicine, plant based nutrition, positive psychology and neuroscience-inspired biohacking, Dr. Andrea leads a team of health professionals on the online media platform, In8Vitality. She facilitates a variety of workshops around the world which promote holistic healing, resilience, trauma recovery and self-love using brainwave training with EEG Neurofeedback, trauma-informed positive psychology, The Attunement Meditation, yoga, breath work, and sacred plant medicine ceremonies with qualified shamans.

She is also co-founder of Diamond Life Design, helping people around the world take bold steps to consciously architect an epic life of no regrets. Dr. Andrea is a documentary filmmaker, highly acclaimed international TEDx speaker, visionary brand strategist and activator for Lightworkers.

Dr. Andrea’s most recent TEDx explores the winding path she took to escape depression and arrive at unconditional self-acceptance, features her singing an original song. As shared in her first inspiring TEDx talk entitled ‘Become Who You Really Are’, Andrea candidly explains that overcoming a long history of hidden depression and anxiety came via an out-of-body near death-like experience which allowed her to break free to love and express her authentic self.

Dr. Andrea is the creator of The Attunement Meditation Process, a 5-step mindfulness meditation taught online and used around the world to lower stress, boost resilience and enhance healing. Her popular 21-Day Compassion Meditation Series is also useful in breaking down barriers to self-love and deep intimacy. With her online channel, Sensual Vitality-TV, she brings her unique nerdy blend of medical science, positive psychology and mindfulness meditation to empower women to show up authentically, love passionately and live orgasmically.

Dr. Pennington received her Doctor of Medicine from Washington University School of Medicine, trained at Georgetown University Hospital, and received certification in Age Management Medicine with the Cenegenics Medical Institute. She served as the board president of the International Association of Eating Disorders Professionals.

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