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Practical Spirituality: How To Live Life With Purpose & Passion

. 1 min read .
Practical Spirituality: How To Live Life With Purpose & Passion
“Deeply focusing on how we feel in the present moment allows us to see who we've become. And the act of seeing who we've become is what allows us to merge back with the soul.”

– John Jacob Mubarak

Are you ready to get back in touch with your soul's purpose and passion?

Wellness Force Radio Episode 329

Thought Leader, Agape Licensed Spiritual Practitioner, and the Director of Marketing and New Business Development at Rythmia Life Advancement Center, John Jacob Mubarak, helps us understand how to live a life with purpose and passion, how to merge back with the soul, what a healthy ego looks like, and what it means to anchor in the moment knowing that the universe is abundant.Whether you're spiritual, religious, or just figuring out what higher power is for you, discover how to align with your true purpose.

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