Watch how people react to being called beautiful

Watch how people react to being called beautiful

Unfortunately, today's beauty standards have become twisted and shallow to say the least. The media enforced viewpoint focuses merely on the idea of  'You're beautiful if.....' The truth is, there is no "if" when it comes to beauty.

This young girl can see the beauty in all of those who surround her and when she reveals this to them, their reactions are priceless.

Shea Glover, an 18 year old student from Chicago, was given free range to do anything she wanted for her final project at her performing arts school. This spirited young woman decided to simply take pictures of what she found beautiful. Though her intentions were not to gain a particular reaction from people, the results were both humbling and love-affirming.

Facial expressions quickly transformed when Shea said, "I'm just taking pictures of things I find beautiful." Most people were surprised and unable to contain their smiles; needless to say, the responses were genuine and emotional.

This project validated that when it comes to beauty, there are no standards. It also showed how a little love goes a long way. When others find us beautiful, it makes us feel good, however when we can look in the mirror and believe we are beautiful...our lives change.

Thank you Shea for reminding us all that there is beauty in everyone, so that we may look in the mirror and believe in the beauty we see.